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Cuatro Naciones team tournament

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Caldes de Malavella 2003

  • OK

San Sebastián 2004

  • 16 of 24 games from men's competition and all 6 games from women's competition are missing.
  • The Basque Country-Bulgaria, round 2, board 4: FIDE site provides the following pairing: Todorov-Alonso 1-0. Tournament Website provides Todorov-Argandoña 1-0. Which is correct?
  • Missing details: tournament director, time control...

Caldes de Malavella 2005

  • All of the games are missing.
  • Missing results of women's match Catalunya-Euskadi.
  • Missing details: organizers, arbiters, time control.

San Sebastián 2006

  • OK (looking for big sized poster file)

Caldes de Malavella 2007

  • All of the games are missing.
  • Missing details: organizers, trivia etc...

San Sebastián 2008

  • OK




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