Slovak Team Chess Championship

Slovak Chess UnionDivision of Czechoslovakia forced split of chess life into two independent national chess federation. After hot debate, all-national league was split too and so Czech and Slovak leagues started its own life. There were four Slovak teams playing triple round robin in the first season, three of which came from already dissolved Czechoslovak league. The following year number of participating teams rose to 14, while eight board round robin was adopted as the standard format with exception of 1994 season (nine boards).

As the top level was renamed to Extraliga on its 5th season in 1996, the format was set to 12 teams and has since been unchanged. The level of play is middle-class with few GMs rated +2600 taking part. Clubs have been rising and falling throughout decades and so Slovakia has one of European widest's pool of winners - 15 teams in 23 editions with Slovak Bratislava at the very top with six wins.

Slovak top teams took part on many occasions in the European Club Cup but without spectacular achievements; they failed to make the top 8 in the preliminaries era (1993-1999) and neither they managed to take top 10 in any of the Swiss events (2000-). The best result was scored in 2014 by then national champions Dunajská Streda who finished 12th in Bilbao ECC.

Winners SR 1993-2015:
6x Slovan Bratislava, 3x HOFFER Komárno, 2x Slávia Košice, 1x Bestex Nové Zámky, 1x Dunajská Streda, 1x Lokomotíva Trnava, 1x Slovakofarma Hlohovec, 1x Slávia CAISSA Čadca, 1x Tatran Plynoma Prešov, 1x Slovan Gemer Rimavská Sobota, 1x Liptov, 1x Radegast Dunaj Bratislava, 1x Prievidza, 1x ŠKM Angelus Stará Ľubovňa, 1x ELAI Bratislava

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