2nd Spanish Team Chess Championship: Bilbao 1957

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Basic data

2nd Spanish Team Chess Championship
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Dates: 28th August - 1st September 1957
City: Bilbao (Basque Country)
Venue: Frontón del Club Deportivo Bilbao
Organizers: Federación Vizcaina
Chief Arbiter: N/A
Teams participating: 5
Players participating: 45
Games played: 80
Competition format: Eight board round robin
Final order decided by: Game points
Time control: N/A
Sources: Mundo Deportivo, la Vanguardia, ABC, Destino (.png)


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no. team code flag 1 2 3 4 5 + = -
1. Real Madrid CF S.d.A. REAL 5 8 25 4 0 0
2. CA Barcelona BARC 5 21½ 3 0 1
3. CA Tarrasa TRSA 3 3 4 14½ 1 1 2
4. CA Peña Rey Ardid Bilbao PRAB 4 11½ 1 1 2
5. CA Alcoy ACOY 0 ½ 0 0 4



Real Madrid: Pomar, Torán, Díez del Corral, Arrupe, Menvielle, Gete, Roldán, Navarro, Sicilia
CA Barcelona: Albareda, Beltrán, Ribera, Cherta, Coll, Bas, Serra, Vila, Anguera
CA Tarrasa: Farré, Ballbé, Mora, Bordell, Ridameya, Morera, Francino, Massó, Valls
Peña Rey Ardid Bilbao: Diéguez, Sáenz, Ubieta, Saracho, Diego, Serrano, Hoyo, Villate, Ocina
CA Alcoy: Boteila, Llorens, Gracía, Maslá, Payá, Loris, Tormo, Jordá, Francós

Tournament review

Five teams came to Bilbao, Vizcaya, to participate in the consecutive Spanish club championship. Real (champions of Castille) and Barcelona (champions of Catalonia) were the strongest, the latter as titleholders and the los madrileños with strongest Spanish players at top boards: Pomar, Torán and Díez del Corral. The rest of the field were Tarrasa (vice-champions of Catalonia), Alcoy (champions of Alicante) and Peña Bilbao, the home team named after multiple national champion of 1930s Ramón Rey Ardid. Both Real and Barcelona indeed beat the opposition quite easily, yet Tarrasa put up tough resistance only to lose 5-3 on both occasions. The decisive match ended with decisive +3 in favour of Real and so they took their first national title:

Real Madrid - CA Barcelona 5½-2½
Pomar-Albareda 1-0, Torán-Beltrán ½-½, Díez del Corral-Ribera 1-0, Arrupe-Cherta ½-½, Menvielle-Anguera 1-0, Gete-Serra 0-1, Roldán-Coll 1-0, Sicilia-Bas ½-½