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3.1. Individual statistics

This table provides all-time individual statistics for specific type of event (the Olympiads, World Team Championship etc.). Click any hyperlinked text in the upper row to see table sorted by that element.

  • FIDE country codes
  • no. - player's position. No number is given if the position is shared with other players.
  • ttl - the highest FIDE title to appear next to player's name at any event of this type (sort order: GM, IM, WGM, FM, WIM, CM, WFM, WCM). Titles awarded after player's retirement from the event are not listed (example: Rubinstein quit the Olympiads in 1931 and received his GM title in 1950. He will not be listed as GM then). Please note! Titles may not be available for some events.
  • ap - number of player's appearances at the event. This includes situation when a player was fielded to the squad but failed to play a single game.
  • name - player's name in a Kasparov, Garry format. Fernández, X indicates one Mr. Fernández with unknown name and X used to distinguish him from another Fernández. The letter Þ is Icelandic symbol for "th".
  • year - years of appearances at the event.
  • pts - total number of points scored.
  • gms - total number of games played.
  • + = - - total number of games won, drawn, lost respectively.
  • % - total percentage score.
  • medals won - total number of medals won, for team and individual performance respectively. Those are actually all podium positions, not necessarily awarded with medals (only at the Olympiads medals are given for individual performance, in most competitions only prizes are given).

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