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2.2.4. Individual records for the team

This table provides detailed individual statistics of all players of specified team who took part in the specific type of event (like English players at the Olympiads, Frenchmen at the World Team Championship etc.). Click any hyperlinked text in the upper row to see table sorted by that element. NOTE!! This table is not necessarily the same as player's overall statistics. It covers only his record for discussed team (example: Cenek Kottnauer's Olympic record for England is 2 Olympiads and 30 games. But this is not equal to his overall Olympic statistics, because he also played for Czechoslovakia once before). Click on player's name to look for details.

  • no. - player's position. No number is given if the position is shared with other players.
  • ttl - player's FIDE title. Doesn't apply for tournaments prior to 1950. Sort order: GM, IM, WGM, FM, WIM, CM, WFM, WCM. Please note! Those are not available for some events.
  • code - team code. The same for every player here.
  • ap - number of appearances at the event for the specified team.
  • years - years of play.
  • pts - number of points scored.
  • gms - number of games played.
  • + = - - number of games won, drawn, lost respectively.
  • % - percentage score.
  • medals: tea - team medals won by the player in the (gold - silver - bronze) format.
  • medals: ind - individual medals won while the player represented specified country. Medals are awarded for best individual results achieved at respective boards as well as for best overall rating performance.
  • URL - copy and paste it if you like to put direct link to this sub-page from your site. Useful as quick referrals for board discussions etc.

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