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2.2.3. Team vs team record

This table provides match by match statistics for a team in an event (like Russia at the Olympiads, Armenia at the World Team Championship etc.). The upper row with coloured background (includes "ALL" cell at the very left) gives total values calculated as a sum of team by team data. NOTE!! Move your mouse over desired cell and keep for a moment to see the cell title with information on years when matches were played.

  • team - country code.
  • mtch - total number of matches played vs selected team.
  • pts - total number of points scored vs selected team.
  • gms - total number of games played vs selected team.
  • + = - - total number of games/matches won, drawn, lost respectively vs selected team.
  • % - total percentage score vs selected team.
  • 4 : 0, 3½ : ½ (and other scores) - total number of specific results scored vs selected team. A VERY useful tool. If the event saw different board formats (like women's Olympiads: 2 board competition until 1978, then enlarged to 3 boards) you will see the respective results being grouped and added together.
  • URL - copy and paste it if you like to put direct link to this sub-page from your site. Useful as quick referrals for board discussions etc.

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