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5.2. Friendlies

Here is concise format explanation:

Zagreb: Yugoslavia-Czechoslovakia 10-10 (5-5, 5-5)
(Pirc 1½ Foltys; Tomovic 0½ Katetov; [Puc, Bidev] 01 Opocensky; Vidmar ½½ Zita; Markovic 0½ Richter; Milic ½0 Sajtar; Vukovic ½0 Rohacek; Kostic 1½ Florian; Bozic 11 Potucek; Rabar ½½ Louma) See results Play games Download games

  • Line one (in blue) should be self-explanatory. Figures in parentheses are results of first, second and possibly further rounds in case of a multi-round event.
  • Then details on game scores are provided. They should be read as follows:
    board 1: Pirc-Foltys 1-0 and Foltys-Pirc ½-½
    board 2: Tomovic-Katetov 0-1 and Katetov-Tomovic ½-½
    board 3: Puc-Opocensky 0-1 and Opocensky-Bidev 0-1 (please note that '[' symbol indicates different players representing a team on specified board)
  • NOTE!
    1. Square brackets are sometimes omitted if they would do more harm than good; board results are then divided to single games.
    2. It is not possible to derive colour assignment from the list.
  • Icons that possibly follow the result are:
    See results - click it to see detailed results of a tournament
    DOC details - details in DOC format
    PDF details - details in PDF format
    Play games - play the games online
    Download games - download PGN file
    Web site - links to external Web site
    See photo - photo connected with the event

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