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1.3. Team event statistics

This table provides detailed team statistics of all teams that took part in an event (like 2004 Olympiad, 2005 World Team Championship etc.). Click any hyperlinked text in the upper row to see table sorted by that element.

  • FIDE country codes
  • no. - team's position. No number is given if the position is shared with other teams.
  • ELO - average of four best ELOs from the team. Doesn't apply for tournaments prior to 1971. Please note! Those are not available for some events.
  • pos. - team's final position. No position is available for withdrawn or unofficially playing teams.
  • fin. - final group in which the team played. This applies only for events with preliminaries and more than one final group, like Olympiads 1952-1974 or some of Student Olympiads.
  • pts - number of game points scored.
  • gms - number of overall games played.
  • + = - - number of matches/games won, drawn, lost respectively.
  • % - percentage score.
  • ELOav - average ELO of all rated opposition calculated as sum of ELOs of all rated opposition divided by number of rated games. Games vs unrated players do not count.
  • ELOp - team's performed ELO. Calculated only with inclusion of games vs rated opposition (NOTE! FIDE, less reasonably, include those games in their rating performance analysis). For details on calculation methods please see FIDE handbook.
  • ind. medals - individual medals won by team members in the (gold - silver - bronze) format.

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