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2.1. Player profile

This file provides detailed player profile for specific event (e.g. Garry Kasparov at the Chess Olympiads or Viktor Kortschnoj at the World Team Championship).

  • sex - see the upper left corner: ♂ for men and ♀ for women.
  • name and country - click on a team to see its overall event profile. "Also played for" tag is used in case player represented more than one team throughout his career. Names are written like Kasparov, Garry, with the family name preceding given name. No comma is used in respect to Asian names (Chinese, Vietnamese), so Lim Kok Ann, Chan Peng Kong, etc.
  • the pull-down menu - use it to see player's record for another type of event.
  • Overall Statistics table
    • ap - number of total appearances at the event.
    • years - years of appearance. Example: "1968-1974, 1978" - the competitor played in all events between 1968 and 1974, then he had a break (in 1976 perhaps), then played once again in 1978.
    • pts - total number of points scored.
    • gms - total number of games played.
    • + = - - total number of games won, drawn, lost respectively.
    • % - total percentage score.
    • medals won - total number of medals won, for team and individual performance respectively. Those are actually all podium positions, not necessarily awarded with medals (only at the Olympiads medals are given for individual performance, in most competitions only prizes are given).
  • Year by Year Statistics table
    • year - year of a specific event.
    • ttl - player's FIDE title. Doesn't apply for tournaments prior to 1950. Please note! Due to lack of data titles are not available for some events.
    • bd - board at which the player was fielded. Doesn't apply for 1927-1930 Olympiads (where no fixed board order was demanded).
    • code - respective country code.
    • ELO - player's Elo. Doesn't apply to tournaments prior to 1971. Please note! Elo ratings are not available for some events.
    • pts - number of points scored.
    • gms - number of games played.
    • + = - - number of games won, drawn, lost respectively.
    • % - percentage score.
    • ELOav - average Elo rating of all rated opposition calculated as sum of ELOs of all rated opposition divided by number of rated games. Games vs unrated players do not count.
    • ELOp - player's performed Elo. Calculated only with inclusion of games vs rated opposition (NOTE! FIDE, less reasonably, include those games in their rating performance analysis). For details on calculation methods please see FIDE handbook.
    • positions: tea - final positions of a team that the player represented at time. Medal positions are written in respective colours. If there is no number here then the team was not classified.
    • positions: ind - lists individual medals awarded, if any. Medals are awarded for best individual results achieved at respective boards. Only podium positions are noted here. Two numbers in one cell (like 1. + 3.) are used if two (or more) individual medals were won by the player, e.g. one for best board result and one for best rating performance.
  • URL - copy and paste it if you like to put direct link to this sub-page from your site. Useful as quick referrals for board discussions etc.

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