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1.2. Individual event statistics

This table provides detailed individual statistics of all players who took part in an event (like 2004 Olympiad, 2005 World Team Championship etc.). Click any hyperlinked text in the upper row to see table sorted by that element.

  • FIDE country codes
  • no. - player's position. No number is given if the position is shared with other players.
  • ttl - player's FIDE title. Doesn't apply for tournaments prior to 1950. Sort order: GM, IM, WGM, FM, WIM, CM, WFM, WCM. Please note! Those are not available for some events.
  • ELO - player's ELO. Doesn't apply for tournaments prior to 1971. Please note! Those are not available for some events.
  • bd - board at which the player was fielded. Doesn't apply for 1927-1930 Olympiads (where no fixed board order was demanded).
  • code - country code.
  • pts - number of points scored.
  • gms - number of games played.
  • + = - - number of games won, drawn, lost respectively.
  • % - percentage score.
  • position: tea - final position of a team which the player represented. Medal positions are printed in respective colours. If there is no number here then the team was not classified.
  • position: ind - represents individual medals awarded, if any. Medals are awarded for best individual results achieved at respective boards. Only podium positions are marked here. Full classification is also available once you click on the ind label. Two numbers in one cell (like 1. + 3.) are used if two (or more) individual medals were won by the player, e.g. one for best board result and one for best rating performance.

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