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1.4.1. Round robin table

The round robin table shows final result of a round robin tournament or group (in case an event has more than one group).

  • fin (only for two stage events with qualifying groups, i.e. Olympiads 1939-1974) - indicates which of final groups is team's destiny at the moment (the "A" is the championship final and "B", "C"... are respectively lower final groups).
  • no. - team's position. No position is shown if it is shared with other teams (very rare, usually a few tie-breaks are used to prevent this). The "-" symbol indicates a team playing outside the competition.
  • team - team's full name.
  • code - team's code (either country or club or city code, depending on the type of an event), optionally followed by team's native flag (for club and city events only). See here for country code list and here for club and city code list.
  • 1 ... n - result achieved vs selected opponent (clickable). Some results are written in red. This may be because of a few reasons:
    • match was carried over from preliminaries (most common case),
    • match result was set by default (like at the 1939 or 1974 Olympiad), because of a war, political conflict in the background etc.,
    • match result was annulated because of withdrawal of a team,
    • any other controversy occurred (click on it to see details), like famous Lawrence Day case in 1974 resulting in a wrong result recorded by the jury.
  • - total number of game points scored.
  • + = - number of matches won, drawn and lost, respectively. Results set by default count as well.

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