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1.4.2. Swiss system table

The Swiss system table shows final standings of a Swiss tournament.

  • no. - team's position in the final standings. No position is provided in case it is shared with other team(s). The "-" mark denotes a team playing outside the competition (typically it is a home reserve teams allowed to enter to make the number of participating teams even).
  • team - team's name.
  • code - team's code (either country or club or city code, depending on the type of an event) optionally followed by team's native flag (for club and city events only). See country code list and club and city code list.
  • pts - number of game points scored. 1 game point is awarded for a game win, half of a point is awarded to both teams in case of a draw.
  • MP - number of match points scored. 2 match points are awarded for a match win, 1 match point is awarded to both teams in case of a drawn match.
  • Buch - Buchholz. Most common tie-breaking method until 2007. Typically it is sum of game points of all the teams a team had played in the tournament.
  • dSB - deducted Sonneborn-Berger. FIDE congress 2007 decided it to be major tie-break in all Swiss team events in which final standings are decided by match points. It is calculated as follows: match points of each opponent, excluding the opponent who scored the lowest number of match points, multiplied by the number of game points achieved against this opponent (FIDE Handbook D.II.02.G13)
  • dSMP - deducted Sum of opponents' Match Points. Second most important tie-break these days. It is calculated as follows: the sum of the match points of all the teams opponents, excluding the lowest one (FIDE Handbook D.II.02.G13). Note! For tie-break purposes a bye is counted as a drawn match against the team itself, an unplayed match - if the opponent team does not appear on time – is counted as a match won by 3-1.
  • There have been more sophisticated tie-breaks used in the past. To learn more about various tie-breaking methods read our FAQ.
  • + = - number of matches won, drawn and lost, respectively. Match results set by default count as well.
  • 1 ... n - result achieved vs selected opponent (clickable). BYE indicates the rest day. BYEs and results set by default are written in red. See also help on round robin table.

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