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1.4.3. Intra tables

Those are round by round tables that let you trace the development of the event day by day. Please note that in the past games used to be adjourned, so the factual results at the end of the day were usually different from what you would see here (because here all results from a round are included, including adjourned games).

  • fin (only for two stage events with qualifying groups, i.e. Olympiads 1939-1974) - indicates which of final groups is team's destiny at the moment (the "A" is the championship final and "B", "C"... are respectively lower final groups).
  • no. - team's position. No position is shown if it is shared with other teams.
  • code - team's code (either country or club or city code, depending on the type of an event). To save space, no full name of a team is given. See here for country code list and here for club and city code list.
  • pts - number of points scored. An asterisk next to a figure (like this: 10½*) indicates a team that did not have a rest day so far (this is used only for round robin events with odd number of teams of course). NOTE! in most cases team ranking is decided by number of game points scored followed by various tie-breaks. However, in some cases other coefficients (like match points used at European TCh recently) are used to rank the teams. The most important figure is always written in bold.
  • tie-breaks - used to rank teams equal on points. Common tie-breaks include MP - match points, Buch - Sonneborn-Buchholz, Berg - Berger, Progr - progress. To learn what they mean read our FAQ.
  • rounds - opponent's code and score are in there. There is also preview of future rounds available. For events in which match points decide each results is written in respective colour: green for won matches (thus adding 2 match points to the team's record), blue for drawn matches (worth 1 match points) and red for lost matches.

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