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4.1.1. Summary table for Glorney/Faber Cup

Boys' championship (Glorney Cup) was played at six, and later at five boards. Girls' contest is being played at three draws. The system used to be all-play-all in the past but recently (not sure when though) it was transformed into a two stage system where 8 teams compose two preliminaries of which top two teams join the championship final (four teams round robin) and bottom two teams compete in another round robin for 5th place.

  • no. - numbers consecutive events.
  • host city - English name of the host city (or a host country in case more precise location stays unknown) followed by respective flag.
  • year - year of event (year of the day of tournament opening, to be more precise).
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd...8th - country codes of the winners of respective positions. For most complete list of country codes see here. An empty cell means somebody was there, but we don't know who. A light gray background stands for nonexistant position in case less than 8 teams took part. A light pink background stands for unknown data.
  • teams - number of teams participating.

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