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3.3. Medal table

This is actually not only medal table, but includes all final positions of all teams in the specific type of event (like the Olympiads, World Team Championship etc.).

  • no. - team's all-time position sorted by best historical achievements (first by number of wins, then by number of silver medals, then by number of bronze medals etc.)
  • team and code - team's full name and code. NOTE! See here for our policy on data continuity for countries with dead political regimes (like USSR/Russia, DDR/Germany, Yugoslavia/Serbia etc.).
  • year - click on a year to see the event. Click on a number in respective row to see team's result in that event. Shortcuts: DNS - did not start; DNF - did not finish; OTC - outside the competition (played unofficially). For events with preliminaries and final groups the following notation was used: "13 A" - 13th position in the A-final; "21 B" - 21st position overall, played in B-final.
    An asterisk (like this one: 1987*) indicates a competition with missing results (i.e. positions of some teams are not known).
  • 1. ... 10. - total number of respective positions won by a team.

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