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1.1. Team result

This table provides detailed team results. Do not forget that games are clickable and show up in another window.
Fields with pink background = missing/incomplete information.

  • FIDE country codes
  • board order - each team has right (yet no obligation) to field some reserves, apart from the basic squad (which counts is number of boards at which an event is played). "1r." and "2r." are first reserve and second reserve respectively. "r." is used instead of "1r." if there is only one reserve in the team.
  • player list - click on a player to see his all-time event sheet. NN is not a player, it is just a signal that OlimpBase misses some results of a team. -- empty board -- is not an error on OlimpBase's site. It happens sometimes that a team is not capable of fielding full squad for the match. Some of the boards are left empty then.
  • ELO - team's average ELO is calculated on a basis of top players in a quantity equal to the number of boards. E.g. at the men's Olympiads for team's overall ELO calculation four best ELOs are taken (not necessarily ELOs of those fielded at top four boards).
  • match results - either W for win; or D for draw; or L for loss.
  • game results - white and light grey cell background symbolize white and black pieces respectively. Click on a game result to see the game on-line. Move the cursor over the cell to see opponent's name. +vo means a player won by forfeit while -vo means he lost by forfeit.
  • pts - number of points scored. Points for defaulted matches or results carried over from preliminaries do not count (same applies for game statistics).
  • gms - number of games played.
  • + = - - number of games won, drawn, lost respectively.
  • % - percentage score.
  • pos. - represents team's final position. If it is '-' then a team was not classified. For players, it shows individual medals awarded, if any. Medals are awarded for best individual results achieved at respective boards. For major competitions only top three positions are included here, and only board winners for minor events. For full individual ratings board by board see Statistics section. Two numbers in a cell (like 1. + 3.) are used if two (or more) individual medals were won by a player, e.g. one for best board result and one for best rating performance.
  • matches - number of matches played.
  • MPs - match points won and lost. A match win is worth 2 match points while a match draw pays 1 match point.

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