OlimpBase Help

0.3. Menu navigation

Navigating through the menu is very simple and intuitive. Its structure looks most similar to what you see at your desktop. Files are grouped in folders and folders compose the folder tree. Click on a name of a folder (but not on a folder icon) to open it.

  • The left-side menu contains a few windows each dealing with number of events of specific type (the Olympiads, continental team championships, youth chess etc.). The right-side menu offers wide selection of generic data not connected to only one type of event.
  • Closed folder Closed folder. Click on a text next to the folder icon to open it.
  • Opened folder Opened folder. Click on a folder tag again to close it. You may still see some closed sub-folders yet to be opened.
  • OlimpBase document OlimpBase document. Click on it to be viewed.
  • WWW document External document located somewhere else on the Web. Click on it to be viewed.
  • Plus sign Confirmation sign, used e.g. to mark coming or lasting events.
  • Minus sign Negation sign, used to point that no access to a selected item is available.

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