OlimpBase Quiz #4: Continental team championships

Below you will find set of easy (heh!) questions, each provided together with a set of answers, of which one and only one is correct. Are you ready to score the perfect 100%?

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1. Which of the following teams never took part in the Panamerican tch?
A. Netherlands Antilles
B. Bolivia
C. Surinam
D. Ecuador

2. Which English player beat Karpov with black after 1 e4 a6?! during 1980 Euro tch?
A. Nunn
B. Miles
C. Basman
D. Stean
E. Speelman

3. Legendary Filipino GM Eugenio Torre lost only 1 of his 43 Asian tch games played between 1977 and 1993. To whom?
A. Liew Chee Meng
B. Utut Adianto
C. Qi Jingxuan
D. Ian Rogers
E. Manuel Aaron

4. The 1957-1983 European championship final were preceded by preliminary groups. Which is the only team ever to win all of its preliminary group matches and fail to qualify having inferior game point record?
A. Hungary in 1961
B. Czechoslovakia in 1970
C. Yugoslavia in 1977
D. West Germany in 1980
E. Bulgaria in 1983

5. One of Asian tch's was the tightest competition ever at this level. Top six teams finished within a point! Which one was it?
A. 1977
B. 1983
C. 1991
D. 1999
E. 2003

6. Which country took surprise fourth in 1973 European tch in Bath?
A. Spain
B. Switzerland
C. East Germany
D. Sweden
E. Poland

7. Which African team came last in 2003 women's continental tch but was invited to take part in Women's World tch anyway to finish at 0/36?
A. Botswana
B. Algeria
C. Eritrea
D. Egypt
E. Nigeria

8. How many games did Tigran Petrosian lose in all of his eight Euro tch appearances (1957-83)?
A. none!
B. 1
C. 2
D. 3

9. What was the only European country to participate in all eight preliminary Euro tch stages (1957-83) and never qualify?
A. Ireland
B. Switzerland
C. Austria
D. Netherlands
E. Spain

10. One move from game Gelfand-X from Haifa 1989 Euro tch was named one of 110 most fantastic moves ever played. Who was X?
A. K.Mokry
B. R.Vaganian
C. F.Hellers
D. J.Polgar
E. F.Gheorghiu

11. Argentina won premier Panamerican tch in 1971 with dazzling 25.5/28 result. Which two players scored a perfect 100%?
A. Najdorf & Sanguinetti
B. Sanguinetti & Panno
C. Panno & Schweber
D. Quinteros & Schweber
E. Panno & Quinteros

12. Which of the following teams never won Asian tch trophy, although they were on podium as much as seven times?
A. India
B. China
C. Uzbekistan
D. Kazakhstan
E. Indonesia

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