OlimpBase Quiz #3: Olympic Players

Welcome to our Quiz: The Olympic Players. Below you will find ten easy questions, each provided together with a set of 5 answers, of which one and only one is correct. Are you ready to shoot the perfect 10?
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1. Who of the following players was NOT a victim of one of Havana "Fischer triplets"?
A. Portisch
B. Gligorić
C. Gheorghiu
D. Jiménez

2. Who was the player to win four individual medals (three gold and one silver) at the Thessaloniki Olympiad in 1984?
A. Hoi
B. Kasparov
C. Nunn
D. Karpov
E. Chaivichit

3. This newly emerged star was awarded a GM title soon following his excellent score achieved at Moscow Olympiad 1956. What was his name?
A. Ólafsson
B. Larsen
C. Dückstein
D. Matanović
E. Sanguineti

4. Who of the following players never beat the reigning World Champions at the Olympiads?
A. Gauffin
B. Uhlmann
C. Grigoriev
D. Tartakower
E. Fischer

5. Who was the first woman to ever appear in the men's team at the Olympiads?
A. Gilchrist
B. Menchik
C. Gerlecka
D. Renoy-Chevrier
E. Chaudé de Silans

6. One of world's top players came for Warsaw Olympiad in 1935 with his favourite pet, a cat named "Chess" (of course). What was his name?
A. Alekhine
B. Stahlberg
C. Dake
D. Flohr
E. Vidmar sr

7. Who of the following great players never appeared at the Olympiads?
A. Capablanca
B. Grünfeld
C. Tarrasch
D. Denker
E. Bogoljubow

8. Who was the player who fainted at the board while playing and the doctors ordered him to withdraw from the Olympiad (Siegen 1970)?
A. Rubinetti
B. Enevoldsen
C. Ciocâltea
D. Penrose
E. Westerinen

9. One of Paris 1924 participants was the head of the appeals committee in Thessaloniki, 1988. He was aged 87 by that time. What was his name?
A. Rueb
B. Gudju
C. Euwe
D. Koltanowski
E. Naegeli

10. Who of the following players represented less than three different countries at the Olympiads?
A. Eliskases
B. Beliavsky
C. Kortschnoj
D. Sokolov
E. Kožul

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