OlimpBase Quiz #2: Olympic Scandals

Welcome to our Quiz: The Olympic Scandals. Below you will find ten easy questions, each provided together with a set of 5 answers, of which one and only one is correct. Are you ready to shoot the perfect 10?
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1. Most major players missed 1928 Olympiad. What was the reason?
A. The Olympiads were not widely-recognized event at the time
B. The prestigious individual tournament was held concurrently
C. FIDE imposed ban on professionals at the Olympiads
D. Strongest sides failed to send their application before deadline cut
E. The accommodation standards were as bad as only bad could be, many players withdrew

2. Why FIDE did not grant the Munich 1936 event the official patronage?
A. Because the organizers insisted on playing at 8 boards instead of 4
B. Because the organizers didn't invite team Palestine
C. Because Germany were expelled from FIDE at the time
D. Because time control was too fast
E. Because the Germans violated FIDE resolution that decided to establish the Olympiads biennially at every odd year

3. Why Argentina-Palestine match in 1939 was set as 2:2 by default?
A. Because the Argentinians were scared of the Germans who threatened to wage a sea war against Argentina
B. Because the board of officials of top teams settled a rule stating no major nation should be favoured with an extra rest day
C. Because Palestine team captain asked the hosts to do so as a gesture of solidarity with the Jews
D. Because Argentinian officials courteously offered the Germans to reduce their alleged handicap (because of 2-2 default set in Germany-Palestine clash)
E. Because Argentina were in the state of war with Germany and refused to play the teams the Germans didn't play

4. The game Fischer-Najdorf, Leipzig 1960 is famous because of:
A. Najdorf's minor heart seizure suffered right after the game
B. Fischer's impolite manners that made him throw the pieces off the board
C. The crowd of angry spectators who interfered a game for an hour
D. Fischer, who extricated ingeniously from a dead-lost position and went of for a brilliant win
E. The game was adjourned and has never been finished since Fischer left Leipzig on the next morning

5. In 1966, round 2 of the final group team USA did not appear at the game hall on the day of the USA-USSR match. What was the official reason?
A. Team USA protested against favouring the Soviets in the field of food and accommodation
B. This gesture was a call for human rights in Cuba
C. Because of food poisoning only three members of American team were ready to play
D. Team USA officially protested against Soviet invasion at the Bay of Pigs
E. Team USA refused to comply with the time-table

6. Why Albania withdrew from 1972 Olympiad?
A. Because they did so badly their authorities ordered them to come back
B. Because they refused to play Israel
C. Because they confused board order and were penalized with a default which they didn't accept
D. As an act of protest against exorbitant accommodation costs
E. Because Albania broke diplomatic relationship with Yugoslavia, the host nation

7. Why South Africa withdrew from 1974 Olympiad?
A. Because they didn't like the fact Rhodesia were forced to withdraw
B. Because they refused to play the Black players
C. Because they felt offended with the fact they were expelled from FIDE, yet not from the Olympiad
D. Because had their plane tickets booked for too early
E. Because they were decimated and failed to set up a team of 4

8. Dubai 1986 Olympiad was hurt with a muffled yet quite serious scandal. What was it?
A. Kasparov flew into a rage on a day of his unexpected loss and attacked one of the camera operators
B. One of pairing committee members confessed they had been ordered to favour the Russians
C. The reigning clan of Dubai refused to hand the prizes to the players of Jewish origin
D. One of top Western players complained he was haunted by communist special services to make him play worse
E. Allegedly the Soviet 4:0 win over Poland in the last round had political pressure in the background

9. Couple of Western European teams, like Denmark or Sweden did not appear in Dubai. Why?
A. As an act of protest against the organizers' policy to offer full travel costs refund to some selected nations only, mostly third world Asian and African teams
B. As an act of solidarity with Israel who weren't invited to Dubai
C. Because many top players came into conflict with the chess authorities and some nations didn't want to send their third suit to Dubai
D. Because they were afraid of the acts of terrorism against their people
E. Because they believed that Arab climate would be too destructive

10. The Moscow 1994 Olympiad started as late as in December. Why?
A. It hadn't been postponed. It had just been strangely scheduled for the winter time a few years before
B. Because this best fit Campomanes' plan to retain his FIDE presidency at the congress held concurrently with the Olympiad
C. Because of accommodation problems
D. Because summer humidity in Moscow would be fatal for most of the players
E. Because another city dropped out their promises and Moscow was the last resort

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