OlimpBase Quiz #1: The Mysterious Game

What did White play?It is time for some relax now. Check your chess skills and knowledge of chess classics. Perhaps in the future our quiz section will become a bit more difficult, but today we start with very simple question. The picture on the left illustrates one of most famous, classical games from the Olympiads. Here is the full game notation.

Your task is to tell us who commanded White pieces and who played with Black. After no less than 24 hours the correct answer shall be given here. The first person to send correct answer to us shall be proclaimed The Winner. Sorry, no money, just pride!

[This quiz has been originally posted on 26th March, 2004. If you want to learn the answer right now just move your mouse over the asterisk right below, push the left button of your mouse and drag it to the right.]

*The answer is of course Tal-Hecht, Varna 1962. Tal did not move his Queen back and went on for a dazzling win after couple of moves. The winner was Pierre Bourget, the well-know Canadian chess expert.