Matzers World

Master titles, patzer play

Welcome to this highly unique collection of master games played in patzer style. You will see full range of games that are uncommon at top level. Piece blunders, major tactical errors and more (zeitnot blunders excluded, of course). And all of these played by top GMs not excluding World Champions! All games are pinned with author's malicious comments. Watch out!

  • Lasker loses in 12 as he plays a few incomprehensible moves.
  • Chigorin loses his World Championship chances forever overlooking simple mate in 2.
  • Tarrasch, a famous dogmatic theoretician gets crushed after simple tactical blunder.
  • Botvinnik wins a Rook in a World Championship game vs Bronstein and then is lucky to extricate for a draw.
  • Botvinnik blunders a piece in one in another game of this fabulous World Championship match.
  • Petrosjan blunders a Queen in one vs Bronstein (lucky him!). Arguably the most famous blunder ever played in the WCC cycle.
  • Petrosjan blunders a Queen in one again (but little more sophisticated trap).
  • Razuvaev defeated in 8.
  • Alla Kushnir blunders mate in 1 in the Women's World Championship match vs Nona Gaprindashvili.
  • Alburt loses to a player rated mere 700 points lower than himself.
  • Karpov finds truly amazing opening novelty.
  • ... and more - total of 20 games. Have fun and never lose hope. It is only a game and we are only humans!

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