The Kiddies' play New Year 2009 puzzle

Teresa (left) plays KlaraThe website regulars must know these two charming young ladies. Teresa has just turned three and attends kindergarten already while Klara will be one year old on February 26th. These two little humans are responsible for the website growing not as fast as it could! Despite of their junior age both girls are avid chess players. On the New Year Day evening they asked me to play a game of chess. I agreed gladly although I was a bit afraid as a few days ago Klara started to crumple the white King curiously and almost choked on it as she took it straight into her tiny mouth. More than expected, the game went on to interesting finish...

Click to see how the game finished...

Now, dear readers, the New Year puzzle. Have you read my a bit contrived New Year tale you must have asked yourself a few questions:
1. What was the winning move for White instead of 47. Qxd3?
2. Given that Teresa and Klara would have alter egos, what their real names would be?
3. Given that girls' sofa is a time machine, in what year and what place were we at the moment?

Of course you may easily find this game in any decent chess database, but this is chess classics, try to find out yourself! To reveal the answer, just drag your mouse between brackets.

[This was actually famous game from Candidates Tournament played in Zürich in 1953 between Smyslov and Petrosian. 47. Qd6! was the only way to win, but none of the players found this neither over the board nor during the analysis. Smyslov won the tournament and went on to the victorous match vs Botvinnik the following year nonetheless. ]