Author's foreword

Author's foreword"As one of the oldest and most prestigious chess worldwide events the Olympiads invariably attract attention of the world chess public and play key role in setting up the chess hierarchy. Today the the Olympic movement makes a total of almost 80 years of history and 36 events were played so far. (...) OlimpBase is fully volunteer project, available for free and designed by free people for free people. However substantial growth of our database wouldn't be ever possible without continuous support from chess fans from different parts of the world."

These words I wrote in the very beginning of my work on OlimpBase. Nowadays the Olympiads are still very important, but only one of many fields of interest, just to lay in the cosy left-upper corner of OlimpBase home page. The concern and interest of our readers not only supported archives' growth to an extent never seen before, but first of all (this is a very personal remark) gave a boost to my confidence and faith that all the time and efforts spent on working on OlimpBase pay the rent.

Now OlimpBase has been running for almose 8 years. It offers by far World's biggest collection of historical team tournament data. Let our community grow as fast as it has grown so far. Gens una sumus!

Always yours in chess,
Wojtek Bartelski