Paoli-Schmid: a fantastic draw

Lothar SchmidNot often are valuable, historic chess games found in old chess volumes. The one below was published in 1957 in Polish monthly Szachy and was played in Lenzerheide, Switzerland in 1956 during Clare Benedict cup, Italy-Germany match. Enrico Paoli Not error-free, it is to my opinion one of most ingenious and exciting draws ever played by top players. And we are the first ever to provide it online! Judge yourself.

Enrico Paoli (right): born 1908. He was Italian IM from Trieste, 3x Italian Champion (1951, 1957, 1968). Organizer of Reggio Emilia tournaments. FIDE honoris cause in 1996. Died in 2005.

Lothar Schmid (left): born 1929. Legendary German GM. IM 1951, GM 1959. Major tournaments won: Travemuende 1951, Zuerich 1954, Nuremberg 1954, Goeteborg 1956, Malaga 1963, Mar del Plata 1970. 11x Olympiad team member (6 medals overall). Renowned chess arbiter (Fischer-Spassky 1972, Karpov-Kortschnoj 1978, Kasparov-Karpov 1986). 2nd in corr WCh in 1959. He was the owner of the world's biggest private chess library. Died in 2013.