3rd Asian Indoor Chess Games: Hanoi 2009

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Basic data

3rd Asian Indoor Chess Games
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Date: 5th - 7th November 2009
City: Hanoi, Vietnam
Venue: Quang Ninh Competition Hall.
Tournament Director: N/A
Chief Arbiter: N/A
Teams participating: 15
Players participating: 76 (incl. 22 GMs, 7 IMs, 6 WGMs, 5 FMs, 7 WIMs, 9 WFMs and 2 WCMs)
Games played: The preliminary group: 252
Play-offs: 24
Competition format: The preliminary group: four board nine round Swiss. Top four qualify to the play-offs.
Play-offs: double round knock-out. No match for 3rd-4th place was scheduled. Both losers from semifinals were awarded bronze medals.
Final order decided by: The preliminary group: 1. Match points; 2. Game points; 3. Direct match; 4. Buchholz
Time control: 25 minutes per game + 5 sec. increment per move
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Website: Vietnam Chess
Official results: Wikipedia
Team blitz
Downloadable game file: 09asianind.zip

Tournament review

Unlike in 2007 there were two separate team events as part of Asian Indoor Games: rapid (25+5) and blitz (5). There were 15 teams in the rapid event and top four teams came info the semifinal phase easily: China, Vietnam, India and Uzbekistan. In the semifinals China steamrolled over Uzbekistan while hosts Vietnam narrowly edged out India. China beat Vietnam 5-3 in the grand final. GM Ni Hua scored 8/8 at board #2.

Interesting games