6th Cuatro Naciones Team Tournament: San Sebastián 2008

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Basic data

6th Cuatro Naciones Team Tournament
(see all-time tournament summary)
Date: 19th - 20th December 2008
City: Donostia-San Sebastián, The Basque Country autonomous community, Spain
Venue: Polideportivo Manteo, Gros district
Tournament Director: N/A
Chief Arbiter: IA Lukas Iruretagoiena Pascual (ESP)
Teams participating: 4
Players participating: 18 (incl. 8 GMs, 7 IMs and 2 FMs)
Games played: 24
Competition format: Four board round robin.
Final order decided by: 1. Game points; 2. Sonneborn-Berger
Time control: 90 minutes per game + 30 sec. increment per move
Official poster: Official poster
Note that the poster wrongly numbers the event as IV not VI.
Other websites: info at chess-results.com
Katalunia berriro nagusi [EU]
Downloadable game file: 08cnat.zip

Tournament review

The invited two were France, second place winners from 2006 and Argentina who grabbed top spot in two premier editions. The line-ups seemed pretty equal with Catalonia being top seeds, but they only drew bottom seeded team Euskadi in the opening domestic derby. As they beat Argentina 3-1 they had to play France in the decisive match and they won 2½-1½ to grab third consecutive tournament win. Argentina defeated the Basque team moving ahead of France in the final standings.

GM Peralta of Argentina and GM Magem Baldas of Catalonia scored 2½/3 - the two best individual scores.

Best board results

bd name flag code pts gms %
1. GM Peralta, Fernando Argentina ARG 3 83.3
2. GM Magem Badals, Jordi Spain CATA 3 83.3
3. GM Narciso Dublan, Marc Spain CATA 2 2 100.0
4. FM Del Rey, Diego Argentina ARG 2 3 66.7

Interesting games

Black defended well, Nalimov tablebases show at no point the ending was won for White.
Alsina Leal, Daniel (CAT) - Argandoña Riveiro, Iñigo (EUS) ½ - ½

Quite crazy game - the scuffle breaking out all over the board.
Gozzoli, Yannick (FRA) - Magem Badals, Jordi (CAT) 0 - 1

Remember the classical McDonnell-La Bourdonnais game? The Frenchmen just forgot to protect f8...
López Martínez, Josep Manuel (CAT) - Prié, Eric (FRA) ½ - ½