4th Asian Team Chess Championship (women): Esfahan 2005

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Basic data

4th Asian Team Chess Championship (women)
(see all-time tournament summary)
Date: 20th - 28th December 2005
City: Esfahan, Iran
Venue: Kowsar Hotel
Honorary Chairman of Organizing Committee: Dr. Saghaeeyan Nejad (IRI)
Tournament Director: Mr. Amir Hossein Sistani (IRI)
Chief Arbiter: Mr. Hosseingholi Saloor (IRI)
Women's section Arbiter: Mr. Mehdi Abdulrahim (UAE)
Teams participating: 4 (including Iran "B")
Players participating: 16 (including 4 WGMs, 5 WIMs and 4 WFMs)
Games played: 36
Game system: Three board double round robin
Tie-breaks: 1. Game points; 2. Match points
Clock routine: all moves in 90 minutes + 30 sec. increment per move
Official poster: ESFAHAN 2005
WWW home page: http://www.iranchess.ir/index-5.htm (photos only)
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Downloadable game file: 05asiatchw.zip

Tournament review

Watch the diversity of cultures: the host player from Iran...Only four teams took part in the women's section of the Asian Team Championship in Esfahan. The competition seemed to be tough. Top three teams (Vietnam, India and Iran "A" respectively) were expected to fight hard for podium positions. Iran "B" were rated 300 points lower than the rest and nobody believed they would put up resistance. Vietnam had two WGMs in the squad and India and Iran "A" had one each. Of course Koneru Humpy, best Indian player did not participate. Because of limited number of teams the competition was a six round double round robin. China, three time gold medal winners, were big absentees.

... the player from India...India and Vietnam drew in the opening match of the Championship. Iran "A" beat their reserve team 2-1. On day two India beat Iran "A" 2½-½ and Vietnam only halved vs Iran "B". On the next day Vietnam conceded third consecutive draw and India sensationally lost to Iran "B" 2-1. Only Swathi won at board #2 and Mohota and Gokhale lost badly. It was all very close in the halfway: India 5; Iran "B" and Vietnam 4½; Iran "A" 4.

...and Vietnamese playerThe revenge round started with yet another set of two match draws (Vietnam vs India and Iran "A" vs Iran "B"). Round five was decisive about the final results and was the only day where no surprising or sensational results were seen. Vietnam woke up and whipped Iran "B" 3-0 while India denied Iran "A" with a thumping 2½-½ victory. With last round to go standings were: India and Vietnam 9; Iran "A" and Iran "B" 6. India were hoping to win the title as they battled out Iran "B" on the last day and Vietnam played Iran "A". But it was to be sensational all time long. The Indian ladies lost their nerves and were defeated by 2½-½ (already losing 2-0). The Vietnamese did not do much better and hardly cruised to a 1½-1½ draw vs Iran "A" but this was enough for gold. India came second and Iran "B" took bronze medals.

The closing ceremonyVietnam won their first ever women's Asian Team Championship (but remember, China did not arrive) with only a single match victory and five draws! WGM Nguyễn Thị Thanh An scored 4½/6 at top board and won prize for best individual result. India scored only 9½/18 and none of the players performed better than 60%. Iran "B" were the surprise of the event. Mahini Mona Salman scored 4½/6 at board #2 and won the prize for best individual result. Reserve player Ghazal Hakimifard also showed good skills and won both games vs high rated Indian players. Iran "A" were a bit disappointing given they had by far better ratings than Iran "B".

Individual medals

1st Board
no. name flag code pts gms %
1. WGM Nguyễn Thị Thanh An Vietnam VIE 6 75.0
2. WGM Mohota, Nisha India IND 3 6 50.0
3. WGM Paridar, Shadi Iran IRI 2 6 33.3

2nd Board
no. name flag code pts gms %
1. WFM Salman, Mahini Mona Iran IRI2 6 75.0
2. WIM Gomes, Mary Ann India IND 3 5 60.0
3. WIM Pourkashiyan, Atousa Iran IRI 6 58.3

3rd Board
no. name flag code pts gms %
1. WGM Swathi, Ghate India IND 6 58.3
2. WIM Ghaderpour, Shayesteh Iran IRI 2 5 40.0
No more players completed at least 60% of possible games.

Reserve Board
no. name flag code pts gms %
1. WIM Hoàng Thị Bảo Trâm Vietnam VIE 4 5 80.0
2. Hakimifard, Ghazal Iran IRI2 4 62.5
No more players completed at least 50% of possible games.

Interesting games

A decisive point scored by Vietnam.
Hoàng Thị Bảo Trâm (VIE) - Ghaderpour, Shayesteh (IRI) 1 - 0

A sensational, lucky draw of a 2300 vs unrated. White's play was horrible.
Hoàng Thị Bảo Trâm (VIE) - Hakimifard, Ghazal (IRI2) ½ - ½

Hakimifard in action again.
She stopped India from winning the tournament.
Swathi, Ghate (IND) - Hakimifard, Ghazal (IRI2) 0 - 1