3rd World Junior Team Chess Championship (boys): Rio de Janeiro 2000

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Basic data

3rd World Junior Team Chess Championship (boys)
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Date: 8th - 12th August 2000
City: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Venue: Recreio Shopping
Tournament Director: N/A
Chief Arbiter: IA Friedrich A. Salamon (BRA)
Teams participating: 10 from 8 countries
Players participating: 20 (incl. 1 GM, 8 IMs and 2 FMs)
Games played: 50
Competition format: Two board five round Swiss
Final order decided by: 1. Game points; 2. Match points; 3. Buchholz
Time control: 23 moves in 1 hour, then 1 hour for the rest of the game
Website: http://www.fexerj.com.br/iiiwjtcc.htm
Downloadable game file: 00junwtch-b.zip

Tournament review

Team Hungary, the a huge disappointment.Only ten teams played in the boys section of the 3rd World Junior Championship, but the competition was strong and even. Hungary were top seeds with GM Ács at top board ahead of Yugoslavia and Poland, who fielded duos of decent IMs (rated 2450-2500). Those three ranged within 25 Elo points. Argentina were fourth seeds but inferior to the top three by 150 points.

The players posing.The outcome of the games was more than sensational. Poland took early lead while Yugoslavia and Hungary did worse than expected. However it was Argentina who took gold defeating Poland 1½-½ on day four and beating Yugoslavia on the last day. Poland levelled on points with the leaders but lost because of inferior match point record. Venezuela took unexpected bronze wiping out Paraguay "B" on the last day while Paraguay "A" came fourth with plenty of luck since they did not play best teams. Yugoslavia and Hungary came fourth and fifth respectively.

Felgaer of Argentina scored perfect 5/5 at top board against opposition rated on average at 2432. IM Solak of Yugoslavia performed quite poorly scoring 2/5 while Hungary's play was a disaster. GM Ács lost three games of five he had played and IM Bokros scored barely 50% losing to Anderson, an unrated player from South Africa.

Best board results

1st Board
no. name flag code pts gms %
1. IM Felgaer, Rubén Argentina ARG 5 5 100.0
2. IM Blehm, Paweł Poland POL 5 70.0
3. Espinoza, Edgar Paraguay PAR 5 70.0

2nd Board
no. name flag code pts gms %
1. IM Stryjecki, Marek Poland POL 5 90.0
2. IM Blanco, Cristobal Venezuela VEN 5 70.0
3. FM Varela, Gastón Argentina ARG 3 5 60.0

Interesting games

Rarely seen streak of Knight captures.
Felgaer, Rubén (ARG) - Blehm, Paweł (POL) 1 - 0

Inconspicuous play of the Pole proved very spiteful.
Blehm, Paweł (POL) - Ács, Péter (HUN) 1 - 0

White lost despite having won a Rook!
Ács, Péter (HUN) - Vučković, Bojan (YUG) 0 - 1