10th Blind Chess Olympiad: Laguna 1996

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Basic data

10th Blind Chess Olympiad (see all-time tournament summary)
Date: 1st - 10th June 1996
City: Laguna, Santa Catarina state, Brasil
Venue: N/A
Tournament Director: N/A
Chief Arbiter: IA František Blatny (CZE)
Deputy Arbiters: IA Palas Veloso (BRA), IA Alexandru Segal (BRA)
Teams participating: 30 (incl. Brasil "B")
Players participating: 139 (incl. 3 IMs, 3 FMs and 1 WIM)
Games played: 540
Note! Only 475 games are available. Final team ranking on positions 15-30 and detailed match-by-match results are not known.
Competition format: Nine round four board Swiss.
Final order decided by: 1. Game points; 2. Match points
Time control: N/A
Downloadable game file: 96olblind.zip

Final standings

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no. team code
1. Russia RUS 28
2. Ukraine UKR 24½
3. Belarus BLR 22½
4. Poland POL 22½
5. Yugoslavia YUG 21
6. Spain ESP 20½
7. Germany GER 20
8. Hungary HUN 19½
9. Great Britain GBR 19½
10. Estonia EST 19½
11. FYR Macedonia MKD 19½
12. Bulgaria BUL 19½
13. Austria AUT 19
14. Croatia CRO 19
A total of 30 teams competed.

Tournament review

Thirty teams took part in the 10th Blind Chess Olympiad in Laguna (Brazil) in the State of Santa Catarina from the 1st to the 10th of June 1996. The host nation entered two teams. The Olympiad took the form of a nine round Swiss and was controlled by FIDE and I.B.C.A. Arbiter, František Blatny (Czech Republic), assisted by Mrs. Palas Veloso and Alexandru Segal (both Brazil).

Laguna is a very old fishing town in the Southern part of this huge Country, much frequented by the neighbouring Argentineans who avail of the sailing and surfing to be found there. In the southern hemisphere, June is the winter season and so Laguna was largely deserted, and therefore, it provided few distractions for the Chess players. Undaunted, some of the hardy Scandinavians could be seen taking an icy dip in the Atlantic, to the great consternation of the locals.

This Olympiad was the first to be held outside Europe, so it must have been something of a relief to the organisers when it was well supported by the Europeans, including a few newcomers. But it was less well attended by the Latin Americans themselves.

A special honour was bestowed on Milenko Čabarkapa who, from 1961 onwards had actively taken part in all ten of the I.B.C.A. Olympiads.

Individual medals

1st Board
no. name code pts gms %
1. FM Krylov, Sergei RUS 8 9 88.9
2. Gonzalez Bautista, Juan ARG 7 9 77.8
3. Vassin, Sergei UKR 9 72.2

2nd Board
no. name code pts gms %
1. IM Berlinsky, Vladimir RUS 8 81.3
2. Kachanov, Andrei BLR 9 72.2
3. Benson, Paul GBR 9 72.2

3rd Board
no. name code pts gms %
1. Kapp, Jaan EST 9 83.3
2. Gerold, Arnold AUT 7 9 77.8
3. Rosikhin, Igor BLR 6 9 66.7

4th Board
no. name code pts gms %
1. Tatarczak, Jan POL 9 83.3
2. Chaichits, Viktor BLR 7 9 77.8
3. Covas, Luís POR 6 9 66.7

Reserve Board
no. name code pts gms %
1. Yatsishin, Ivan UKR 8 68.8
2. Mikhalev, Alexei RUS 7 64.3
3. Managias, Alexios GRE

Best game prizes


Interesting games

We know this is blindfold chess, but didn't he really notice black Queen leaving d8??!
Grovè, Johan (RSA) - Horák, Zdeněk (CZE) 0 - 1

This game is notable from one reason that both black Rooks remained unmoved!
Kröger, Eckhard (GER) - Komovec, Ivan (SLO) 1 - 0

Krylov's win paved Russia's way to first ever Olympic gold.
Vassin, Sergei (UKR) - Krylov, Sergei (RUS) 0 - 1

Skip to Black's move 9. Now find amazing helpmate in two...
Pasteiner, Johann (AUT) - Carvalho, José Luís (POR) 1 - 0