Czech Chess Extraliga :: 1992/1993

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Basic data

1st Czech Chess Extraliga
(see all-time tournament summary)
Dates: November 1992 - April 1993
Tournament Director: N/A
Chief Arbiter: N/A
Teams participating: 10
Top 8 teams from 1991/92 Czechoslovak league: Bohemians Prague (1), Slavia Hradec Králové (2), Staré Město (5), TŽ Trinec (7), Baník Karviná (8), DP Praha (9), Lokomotiva Olomouc (10), Vyšehrad (11)
Winners of 1. česká liga 1991/92: Lokomotiva Kolín
Winners of 1. moravskoslezská liga 1991/92: Slavia Havířov
Players participating: 131 (incl. 3 GMs, 30 IMs and 21 FMs)
Games played: 360
Competition format: Eight board round robin.
Final order decided by: 1. Match points; 2. Game points
Time control: N/A
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Tournament review

The two Czechoslovak republic decided to amicably split and so two independent nations, Czech Republic and Slovakia were created effective January 1, 1993. The last all-country league finished in early 1992 with participation of 10 Czech and 4 Slovak teams. There were three second-level leagues, two from the Czech Republic, namely česká liga (the Czech league) and moravskoslezká liga (Moravia-Silesia league) and one all-Slovak.

There was kind of a voting conducted among Czech and Slovak teams whether they would like to stay in the united Czecho-Slovak league (celostatná liga). Despite massive support from Slovakia on keeping one league, a mere vote decided about the velvet divorce.

So the Czech league had to be created. Two winners of the second-level Czechoslovak leagues joined top 8 from all-Czechoslovak top level 1991/92 to form a 10 team Czech extraliga. The eight board round robin format was preserved, with 5 weekends per season, each one with two rounds.

Interesting games