8th Asian Team Chess Championship: Genting Highlands 1989

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Basic data

8th Asian Team Chess Championship
(see all-time tournament summary)
Dates: 18th - 29th July 1989
City: Genting Highlands, Malaysia
Venue: Genting Hotel
Organizers: Malaysian Chess Federation
Chief Arbiter: IA Victor Vijiarungam (MAS)
Arbiters: IA Xu Jia Liang (CHN)
G. S. Dissanayake (SRI)
Teams participating: 16 (incl. Malaysia "B" and China women's team)
Players participating: 90 (incl. 3 GMs, 15 IMs, 8 FMs and 2 WIMs)
Games played: 288
Bulletin #9 is missing!
Competition format: Four board nine round Swiss.
Final order decided by: 1. Game points; 2. Buchholz
Time control: 40 moves in 2 hours 30 minuts, then each next 16 moves in 1 hour
Downloadable game file: 89asiatch.zip (only ca. 47% games are in there)
Special thanks to Hamid Majid for providing the tournament bulletin.

Tournament review

Message From The Honorary Secretary of the Malaysian Chess Federation

On behalf of the President and Council Members of the Malaysian Chess Federation, I would like to welcome my fellow Chess Officials and players from the participating countries to this 8th Asian Team Chess Tournament.

The Malaysian Chess Federation would like to record our appreciation to our co-organisers; the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the New Straits Group for helping us bring this premier Asian event back to Malaysia after an absence of fifteen years.

We would also like to thank the sponsors for making this tournament possible.

All the previous seventournaments have been won by the Philippines and in later years by the People's Republic of China. With the emergence of India following the success of ANAND and Indonesia with her three grandmasters, and their seriousness in bringing their strongest team, this Eighth Asian Team Championship should prove to be the most interesting and "open".

For those, including Malaysia, who are not in the same category as the Big Tour, this Asian Team Championship should serve as a way of fostering closer friendship between members of the Zone 10 and Zone 11 countries and also give their players the opportunity to match their skill against the top players of Asia.

My sincere thanks to all those who have made this tournament possible and I hope everyone, players, officials, sponsors and spectators will find this tournament a memorable one.


* * *

The tournament was officially opened by the President of the World Chess Federation (FIDE), Mr. Florencio Campomanes, in a brief ceremony at the Convention Hall, Genting Hotel at 1.30 pm 19th July 1989.

Dato' Tan Chin Nam delivered a welcoming speech on behalf of the President of the Malaysian Chess Federation (MCF) who was absent due to work commitments.

The first round saw two of the 'Big Four' steamrolling their opponents to be joined at the top by host country, Malaysia A, who thrashed Brunei DarusSalam 4-0.

China represented by the formidable line-up of Yu Jiang Chuan, Xu Jun, Ye Rongguang and Wang Zi Li, finished their respective games in less than 35 moves.

Indonesia, who were equally impressive with GMs Adianto and Ardianshyah showing the way, would surely be the most serious threat to the Chinese in the absence of the Philippines' first team.

The roses among thorns were holding their own against the Indians with their third board players securing a full point.

The Philippines - Bahrain and Bangladesh - Qatar matches were postponed to Wednesday.

The results after the first round: China (M), Indonesia, Malaysia A (4 points); Thailand (3½); Singapore, Pakistan (3); India (2); China, Malaysia B, Japan (1); Kuwait (½); Philipinnes, Bahrain, Sri Lanka, Brunei, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Qatar (0).

* * *

Following the non-arrival of Qatar and Bangladesh after two rounds, the tournament has been reduced to sixteen participating teams.

The outcome of India - China (W) match stood at 2½-1½ Thipsay and his lady opponent agreed to split the point after 79 moves and nearly 8 hours of play.

Chna (M) and Indonesia scored the maximum points and they are meeting in the third round.

The adjouned game between Terry Toh (SIN) and Sabeeh Butt (PAK) was adjudicated as lost for the Singaporean when the player concerned left the hall and did not stop his clock after sealing his move.

The Singapore team protested against this decision but was overruledby the Appeals Committee by a unanimous vote. The results read 3-1 in Pakistan's favour.

* * *

With the win against closest rival Indonesia, China (M) is leading the field with 10½ points from 3 matches. The Tun Razak trophy is on its way back to Beijing....

* * *

In the two adjourned games, Lim Fung Chian (SIN) finally beat Kaarlo Schepel (HKG) in a Caro Kann Defense and IM R. Ravisekhar of India outplayed the Indon Nasib Ginting.

* * *

On the main table, the Great Wall of China was holed by a Filipino. Donguines orchestrated a pretty combination starting with Nd5 on the 28th move. Jiang Chuan couldn't stomach watching her majest got mauled by the galoping steed. The Chinese team is still leading its nearest pursuers by 1½ points despite the unexpected draw.

* * *

From the encounter of the grandmasters kind, we saw Utut Adianto missed a chance to pressure Anand on the 18th move with Nh5. The highest rated player in the hall showed his mastery from thereon, forcing Adianto to stop the clock less than 10 moves later.

Individual medals

bd name flag code pts gms %
1. GM Anand, Viswanathan India IND 7 7 100.0
2. IM Xu Jun China CHN 7 8 87.5
3. IM Liang Jinrong China CHN 5 6 83.3
4. FM Ye Rongguang China CHN 8 9 88.9
1 res. IM Wang Zili China CHN 4 5 80.0
2 res. Babu, N. Sudhakar India IND 4 5 80.0

Interesting games

The Filipion's wandering King met his Waterloo at the c4 square.
Anand, Viswanathan (IND) - Donguines, Fernie (PHI) 1 - 0

Utut Adianto missed a chance to pressure Black with 18.Nh5!
Utut Adianto (INA) - Anand, Viswanathan (IND) 0 - 1

Thipsay employed a super sharp Traxler Counterattack.
Kamal declined and his position deteriorated in the ensuing struggle.
Mohd Kamal, Abdullah (MAS) - Thipsay, Praveen Mahadeo (IND) 0 - 1