3rd Panamerican Team Chess Championship: Junín 1987

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Basic data

3rd Panamerican Team Chess Championship
(see all-time tournament summary)
Date: 15th - 24th October 1987
City: Junín, Argentina
Venue: Club Junín
Tournament Director: N/A
Chief Arbiter: IA Hugo Guzmán Haensch (CHI)
Deputy Arbiter: IA Abraham Berenstein (ARG)
Teams participating: 6
Players participating: 36 (incl. 4 GMs, 8 IMs and 7 FMs)
Games played: 120
Competition format: Four board double round robin.
Final order decided by: 1. Game points; 2. Match points
Time control: N/A
Downloadable game file: 87panamtch.zip

Tournament review

The third Panamerican team event was held in Argentinian city of Junín just two years after its second edition, drastically reducing the gap between consecutive Championships. Only six teams entered, including Cuba (absent in 1985). Brazil, medal winners from both previous editions, did not arrive. Because of frequency, the captain's meeting decided to extend the format of the competition and make it double round robin.

Cuba were favourites with three GMs in the squad and all players rated +2400 (average 2518). Then came Chile and Argentina (the titleholders, much weakened though comparing to squad from Villa Gesell), without GMs but with pack of decent IMs and average Elo oscillating around 2400. Peru had a super-star GM Granda Zuñiga (2525) at top board but nothing more. Would that be enough to pave way to a podium? Paraguay and Uruguay were not expected to play major role in the tournament despite having a few decent master class players in the squad.

As expected, Cuba took easy win taking off with undisputed victories over Argentina and Chile respectively, the two most dangerous contenders. They had clear 4 points advantage in the halfway and extended it up to 6 points at the finish line. The run for second was way more exciting. Chile were held by Peru on day four to match Argentina on the closing day of the first cycle. The fierce battle saw four players commanding white pieces win their games to set up a 2-2 draw. Argentina had 1½ point advantage over Chile then. Peru were just a fraction behind Chile's neck. Next few days boosted Chile's morale as they ran over Uruguay 3½-½ and held Cuba to a draw, while Argentina barely halved vs poor Paraguay. However, on penultimate day the Chileans struggled vs Peru only to win 2½-1½ while Argentina ruthlessly killed Uruguay 4-0 and both teams levelled on points. Chile had better match point record and only needed a draw vs Argentina in the last round's match to retain runner up position. As the first session went into adjournment stage Argentina were in 1½-½ lead and needed only to get one point of remaining two games to win the silver, but they lost both. Peru took fourth spot. Paraguay beat Uruguay twice and came 5th, while Uruguay lost all of 10 matches they played.

Rodríguez Céspedes of Cuba scored 6/7, the best individual percentage result. Granda Zuñiga and reserve Robbiano Taboada of Peru won prizes for best individual results too. Three players won joint prize for best individual result at board #4 scoring only 4½/7 (64%). Both game wins scored by Uruguay were courtesy of board #4 player Lamas Baliero.

Individual medals

bd name code pts gms %
1. GM Granda Zuñiga, Julio PER 6 75.0
2. GM Rodríguez Céspedes, Amador CUB 6 7 85.7
3. GM García Gonzáles, Guillermo CUB 8 81.3
4. FM Sorín, Ariel ARG 7 65.7
1r. Robbiano Taboada, Carlos PER 6 85.0
2r. Schwanek, Carlos ARG 6 75.0

Interesting games

This ending was worth silver medals for Chile.
Hoffman, Alejandro (ARG) - Silva Sánchez, Carlos (CHI) 0 - 1

Shortest decisive game.
Rodríguez Céspedes, Amador (CUB) - Fuentes, Moisés (PER) 1 - 0

Experienced Cuban IM totally outplayed by Paraguayan veteran.
Riego Prieto, Victorio (PAR) - Arencibia, Walter (CUB) 1 - 0

Extravagant treatment of Sicilian defence followed by time pressure tragedy.
Robbiano Taboada, Carlos (PER) - Díaz, Joaquín Carlos (CUB) 1 - 0