6th World Youth U26 Team Chess Championship: San Juan 1986

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Basic data

6th World Youth U26 Team Championship
(see all-time tournament summary)
Date: July 1986
City: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Teams participating: 11 (most probably there was one more team in the pool playing outside the competition)
Players participating: N/A
Games played: 264
Competition format: Four board round robin
Final order decided by: Game points
Time control: N/A
Downloadable game file: 86wtch-u26.zip (only 14 games are available)

Final standings

no. team code flag
1. England ENG England 36½
2. Argentina ARG Argentina 34
3. Austria AUT Austria 32
4. Mexico MEX Mexico 27
Barbados BAR Barbados
Honduras HON Honduras
Trinidad & Tobago TRI Trinidad & Tobago
Dominican Republic DOM Dominican Rep.
Ecuador ECU Ecuador
Guatemala GUA Guatemala
Puerto Rico PUR Puerto Rico


Tournament review

Part of "I Festival Mundial de Ajedrez de la Juventud por la Paz". There was overwhelming chaos shrouding this tournament. Information was worse than terrible. The press did not event manage to obtain final results of the teams, not to mention any further details. Only courtesy of the Argentinian players made it possible for us to reproduce a smallish selection of their games taken from "Ajedrez de Estilo" magazine. Detailed results of Argentinian team: Ricardi 7/9, Garbarino 6½/9, Soppe 8½/9, Mahía 6/9, Macagno 6/7. Please find below a citation of a note from BCM, which we got thanks to indispensable John Saunders. Note discrepancies in figures!

PUERTO RICO - The World Student Team Championship for which the BUCA was soliciting support (see page 356 last month) took place in July. Rather surprisingly the USA did not take part; nor did the USSR. Hence England won with some ease after beating their main rivals Argentina and Austria in the first two rounds. 1 England 36½ (44) game points in the 11 matches; 2 Argentina 33; 3-4 Austria, Mexico 29 (the latter beating the gold medallists 3-1). Individual scores: James Howell 8(10); Stuart Conquest 7½ (9); Peter Wells 8(9); John Hawksworth 8(9); Neil McDonald 5(7). The first four won the gold medals on their boards; McDonald took the bronze for the reserve.

The team was accompanied by Dr Kumaran of Harrow and by his son Dharshan Kumaran who completed the triumph for England by winning the World U-12 Championship on tie-break ahead of a Puerto Rican, Emilio Pena. The winner's score was 8(9) undefeated, and the presence of his father and a team of analysts was doubtless one of the factors of success.

Interesting games

To open up "f" file for Rook x-ray, is an essence of Jänisch Gambit.
Sena, Juan (DOM) - Garbarino, Rodolfo (ARG) 0 - 1

A good strategy by White (watch out moves from 17th to 21st).
Macagno, Sergio (ARG) - Benitez, Luis (PUR) 1 - 0