2nd EEC Team Chess Championship: Teesside 1978

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Basic data

2nd EEC Team Chess Championship
(see all-time tournament summary)
Date: 3rd - 12th September 1978
City: Middlesbrough, Cleveland county
Please note! Teesside was separate administrative unit until 1974 when it was split into three parts; it is just a geographical term these days. We use "Teesside" due to compatibility with events prior to 1974.
Venue: N/A
Tournament Director: Mr. Gerry Walsh (GBR)
Chief Arbiter: IA David Welch (GBR)
Teams participating: 8
Players participating: 39 (incl. 5 IMs)
Games played: 112
Competition format: Four board round robin.
Final order decided by: 1. Game points; 2. Match points
Time control: N/A
Downloadable game file: 78ewg.zip

Tournament review

It took three years for the ECC Championship to be back after premier edition in 1975. This time only eight teams arrived, since France were missing. The competition was perhaps a bit weaker. There were no GMs, and top two rated players were Tóth and Tatai of Italy. The Italians were top seeds ahead of the British team and the Netherlands. West German team composed of untitled players of mediocre strength.

The outcome of the games was more than surprising. It was Germany who took an early lead wiping out Great Britain at the start. The Germans retained the lead until the very end earning decisive advantage on day five as they beat Denmark 3-1 and saw their most dangerous opposition Great Britain losing to the Netherlands. Great Britain won second place holding charging Italy on the last day. The Italians took disappointing bronze having a few slip-ups meanwhile, like conceding 1½ point vs Ireland or losing 3-1 to Germany.

Van der Vliet, Dutch fourth board scored 5/6 to prove best player of the event judging by percentage result. The Germans did not lose a single game throughout the event!

Best board results

no. name flag code pts gms %
=1. IM Ligterink, Gert Netherlands NED 4 6 66.7
=1. IM Tatai, Stefano Italy ITA 4 6 66.7
=1. Ostermeyer, Peter Germany GER 4 6 66.7
2. Reefschläger, Helmut Germany GER 6 75.0
3. Van der Vliet, Fredrik Netherlands NED 5 6 83.3
4. Borngässer, René Germany GER 4 5 80.0
res. Nonnenmacher, Eberhard Germany GER 4 5 80.0

Interesting games

An example of poor shape of Italian players.
Henry, Paul Gerard (IRL) - Tatai, Stefano (ITA) 1 - 0

He was very reluctant to take the Queen; still it was enough for a win.
Pedersen, Erik (DEN) - Nonnenmacher, Eberhard (GER) 0 - 1