7th Nordic Chess Cup: Bremen 1976

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Basic data

7th Nordic Chess Cup
Date: 13th - 17th September 1976
City: Bremen, West Germany
Venue: N/A
Tournament Director: N/A
Chief Arbiter: N/A
Teams participating: 6 (incl. city of Bremen)
Players participating: 37 (incl. 3 IMs and 1 WIM)
Games played: 90
Competition format: Six board round robin.
Final order decided by: 1. Game points; 2. Match points
Time control: N/A
Downloadable game file: 76nordic.zip

Tournament review

The host city of Bremen fielded their team to replace missing Finland in the 7th Nordic Cup held in September 1976. Since best German players were absent there were no GMs in the pool with Norwegian IM Øgaard rated 2490 being top individual seed.

The competition was very hard and final standings were extremely close with mere 3½ game points separating the winners from the bottom team. As much as 7 out of 15 matches were drawn. Norway held half point advantage over West Germany who they were to play on the last round, and they managed to retain the lead thanks to 3-all tie. Denmark came third ahead of Sweden. Bremen came 5th, still they managed to score sensational 5-1 win over Iceland. Best individual result was scored by IM Øgaard of Norway.

Best board results

bd name flag code pts gms %
1. IM Øgaard, Leif Norway NOR 5 90.0
2. Jansson, Börje Sweden SWE 4 5 80.0
3. Rosenlund, Thorbjørn Denmark DEN 4 5 80.0
4. Ditt, Egon Germany BREM 5 70.0
5. Jensen, Stein Norway NOR 4 5 80.0
6. Þorsteinsdóttir, Guðlaug Iceland ISL 4 5 80.0

Interesting games

Amateur level, sharp play in the Giuoco this-time-not-too-Piano.
Bergström, Christer (SWE) - Pedersen, Erik (DEN) 0 - 1

White blundered exchange in a drawn ending.
Schneider, Lars-Åke (SWE) - Sólmundarson, Magnús (ISL) 0 - 1

It is not common for Indian games that there is so little wing play and it is all about the centre of the board.
Øgaard, Leif (NOR) - Ornstein, Axel (SWE) 1 - 0