6th Nordic Chess Cup: Hindås 1975

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Basic data

6th Nordic Chess Cup
Date: 21st - 26th September 1975
City: Hindås, Sweden
Venue: N/A
Tournament Director: N/A
Chief Arbiter: N/A
Teams participating: 6
Players participating: 36 (incl. 1 GM and 3 IMs)
Games played: 90
Competition format: Six board round robin.
Final order decided by: 1. Game points; 2. Match points
Time control: N/A
Downloadable game file: 75nordic.zip

Tournament review

There was a single GM in the pool of participants of the 6th Nordic Cup held in the Swedish town of Hindås. Last years' winners West Germany sent quite poor team obviously not aiming at scoring third victory. Apart from GM Sigurjónsson of Iceland there were three IMs; Norway had two and Sweden one. The event was expected to be very close and indeed it quite looked like this.

West Germany lost unexpectidly to Finland on the opening day but then beat Iceland and Sweden to move to the top while Denmark were in second. With last round to play Denmark had to beat the Germans 4-2 had they wanted to win the tournament, but this was far beyond their capabilities and so West Germany won yet again with a respectable 2½ point margin over the Danes. Decent Finnish team came third, their first remarkable result after years of miserable play. Iceland, third last year, were extremely badly shaped to find themselves rock bottom at 11 points.

The victorious team was led by M.Hermann, untitled and unrated (!) player, yet of master strength - he scored 4/5 and his Elo performance was 2668. Gisela Fischdick of West Germany was the only player to score a perfect 5/5 (women's board). Wibe of Norway won the individual prize to score 4½/5 on board #3. Board #2 was exceptionally hard-fought as four players shared the prize only to achieve 3/5 (the remaining two finished at 1½/5). Grandmaster Sigurjónsson was disappointing all along the line drawing 3 games and losing 2 (no win!). The three IMs did not impress either.

Best board results

bd name flag code pts gms %
1. Hermann, Manfred Germany GER 4 5 80.0
=2. Jansson, Börje Sweden SWE 3 5 60.0
=2. Kunsztowicz, Uwe Germany GER 3 5 60.0
=2. Rantanen, Yrjö Finland FIN 3 5 60.0
=2. Kølbæk, Jens Denmark DEN 3 5 60.0
3. Wibe, Terje Norway NOR 5 90.0
4. Äijälä, Jorma Finland FIN 4 5 80.0
5. Fischdick, Gisela Germany GER 5 5 100.0
=6. Ólafsson, Helgi Iceland ISL 5 70.0
=6. Wockenfuß, Klaus Germany GER 5 70.0

Interesting games

Shortest decisive game (a typical junior mistake!).
Kämäräinen, Jorma (FIN) - Kristensen, Leif (DEN) 0 - 1

Hermann was definitely no weak, but GM losing
v unrated player is always interesting to see.
Sigurjónsson, Guðmundur (ISL) - Hermann, Manfred (GER) 0 - 1

Brave and precise. Bravo!
Zwaig, Arne (NOR) - Iskov, Gert (DEN) 1 - 0